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How To Layer Without Looking Bulky

During the crisp winter season you may find yourself choosing between warmth and fashion. Often times wearing lots of layers can make you look a lot bigger than you actually are, causing you to sacrifice the extra clothing to save your shape.  There are a few quick tips that will help you maintain your figure and keep you toasty!

First make sure your bottom layers are thin.  If you start with bulky or baggy bottom layers they will definitely show through and your entire appearance will seem larger than it actually is. By starting with a stretchy t-shirt or camisole you can maintain your sleek silhouette.

Making sure your layers are different colors will also help to maintain a sleeker look.  This isn’t to say you should be wearing every color under the sun, or colors that don’t go well together, but layering with different colors helps to add depth to your outfit.  Wearing lots of layers that are all the same color will blend together and make you look larger than you actually are.

Once your outfit is assembled you want to move around a little.  If you can’t put your arms completely flat or fold them in front of you then you’re probably wearing too many layers.  If you are wearing so many layers that you’re movement is restricted it’s likely that you look much larger than you are.  Shed a few layers and your look will be on track.

Once you have all of your layers on it’s important to do a collar check.  If you’re wearing a shirt with a collar underneath a shirt that doesn’t have a collar you should pull it out and lay the collar on top of your top layer.  If you don’t, your neck area will look rather puffy, which will make you appear large even if you aren’t.

It’s easy to look good and feel good, too. You don’t have to freeze in order to look slim.  You can wear layers to keep warm and keep your small physique in tact by following the guidelines provided above. After all, why wouldn’t you want to wear all the cute clothes you have all at once?