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Winter Fashion Trends

Judging by the snow outside our windows and the extra hour it took us to get to work, it is safe to saw winter is here to stay. No more random 50-degree days in store of us this year. Winter fashion calls for warmth but still trendy clothes so here is a list we have compiled for the “in” things this year:

Coats: Of course you need coats for winter but let’s discuss the hip colors for this year. One of our favorites is the army green long coat. Army green and camouflage fabrics have been very in for the past year and they are still hip for this winter. Other colors we love are off-white, navy blue, and brown.

Cardigans, jumpers, vests, and sweaters: This part of winter wardrobe is often the most fun, at least in our opinion! These options can be worn over a light swear or over a blouse. It keeps you warm while staying stylish, what more could you ask for? Dark purple cardigans are in style this year as well as sweater dresses!

Hats and scarves: Chances are, you have way too many scarves and hats that you probably don’t wear as much as you should. It is often easy to forget the cute little accessories you can add to our outfit! There are so many options with hats, especially beanies! Scarves leave you with even more options! Lightweight or heavy scarves are always a cute addition to your outfit!

Don’t get too overwhelmed with the cold of winter that you forget to look fashionable and cute this season! A lot of times you don’t even need to go shopping to find a lot of these articles of clothing that I listed above. Have fun and don’t forget to come into Turnstyle if your closet needs a couple more items!