Winter Fashion Do’s & Don’ts of 2018: Your Winter Fashion Essentials

Winter Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

With winter settled in, it can be easy to fall into a routine of dark colors, heavy sweaters, and layers of thick clothing until spring. But winter is no excuse to keep your fashion wrapped up in hibernation mode or suffer the cold for the sake of fashion. Be prepared for the onslaught of winter weather with a few winter fashion do’s and don’ts of 2018 and some winter fashion essentials.

Do: Bundle Up, but Keep It Flattering!

A common mistake in the winter season is to think you need to forgo keeping yourself warm to show off a fashionable outfit. An easy solution: Get yourself a fashionable coat or jacket to keep yourself warm against those winter winds.
Invest in coats or jackets that are tailored to your body and define your shape. This will keep your look stylish and inevitably keep you warmer!

Woman on a street in flattering winter coat

Don’t: Stick to All Black, Brighten Up Your Look!

During the winter, it’s common to keep your color choices on the darker side. But don’t let the gray days keep you from creating some sunshine in your wardrobe.
Introduce a few winter colors such as emerald green, charcoal gray, and deep red to your wardrobe with a brightly colored accent such such as a bag, tights or boots. This will brighten up your outfit while still keeping within the color scheme of the season.

Woman in red winter outfit

Do: Winterize Your Spring & Summer Looks

Just like you shouldn’t let the winter keep you from wearing brightly colored outfit accents, it shouldn’t keep you from wearing some of your spring and summer outfits — with a few modifications, of course!
If you’re looking to wear your favorite summer dress on a cold day, add some tights, a sweater or jacket, a scarf, a casual hat, or a nice pair of boots. Voila! You’ve now doubled your wardrobe size!

Winterized spring outfit

Don’t: Forget Those Necessary Staple Pieces!

Every season calls for a few staple items that will be the foundation of your wardrobe. Choose a few classic items you can use for a multitude of outfits all season that will be appropriate for a variety of occasions.
As mentioned, pick some neutral colors such as blues, greens or blacks that can easily be paired with other pieces. Some winter fashion essentials include:

  • Black/grey pants (for all occasions)
  • Neutral colored boots
  • Blazer or other multi-use jacket
  • Plain colored tees or long sleeved shirts

Winter does not mean the death of fashion! With just a few modifications and additions, you’ll be chic and fashion forward until spring. For additional winter fashion tips, such as faux fur trends or stylish ways to wear scarves, check out Turn Style for all the latest in fashion and accessory trends!