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What to Wear to a Wedding When You’re a Guest

Summer is almost here, which means wedding season is upon us! With so many attire options, interpreting the invite and finding the perfect outfit can be tricky. But luckily, we’ve done some invite-decoding to help you find the best ensemble to wear to a wedding. Check out our suggestions below to get an idea of what each dress code entails.


Black Tie b6f524218ce66e0db06e53bd13a347b7

Black tie is probably the most common, most specific dress code you’ll see this season. For men, a tuxedo is the best choice followed by an evening jacket with matching trousers paired with a black tie or bowtie and cummerbund. Women should wear a long gown or a fancy cocktail dress.


men and women dresscodeBlack Tie Optional or Formal

This is the most elusive wedding dress code. Men should feel comfortable in anything recommended for black tie or a dark colored suit with a white shirt. Women can also go with any of the black tie options or even dressy separates.


Beach Formalbeach formal

As the name suggests, this dress code suggests elegance but you still want to dress to impress—while being prepared for the elements. Men can go with a summer suit, linen or khaki pants, with a button down shirt and sandals. Women are encouraged to wear a formal sundress that feels at tea-or knee-length.



This should be your default dress code, if the the invitation doesn’t give you any attire outlines. Men should go with a dark suit and white shirt with a conservative tie. Women can wear a colorful cocktail dress or even a fancy skirt and top.


Casualcasual wedding dress for a guest

Generally casual means anything goes but you should still shy away from every day jeans, shorts or tank tops. Instead men can wear dress pants or khakis with a polo or button-down, maybe even a sweater or sports jacket. Women should feel comfortable in a sundress or nice pants or a skit with a nice blouse.
Wrapping Up
Hopefully you’ll feel a little more confident interpreting your next wedding invite—you can also ask those closest to the bride and groom if you need extra clarification. Be sure to check out your nearest Turn Style for even more visual inspiration or to get some fashion advice from our teams! To see all the fashions mentioned above, be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for Men’s Apparel and Women’s Apparel.