Try These On-Point Easter Brunch Outfits to Wow This March

Try These On-Point Easter Brunch Outfits to Wow This March

Easter is just around the corner, and that means that for many, there is a delectable meal in their near future. Whether you’re headed to your family’s favorite brunch spot, gathering at a relative’s home, or hosting your own Easter meal, you want to be sure that you’re looking your best for your holiday celebration! We’ve put together a variety of Easter outfits that are sure to impress, and easy to emulate with your own stylish staples.

Pretty Pastels on Lovely Lace lovely lace

Though these two Easter brunch outfit classics do not need to be featured together, they are wonderful when they are. The traditional Easter palette is packed with bright, but subtle, pastels, so whether you’re wearing a white dress with pastel accessories, or rocking a stunning pastel ensemble like the one featured here, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, adding lace to this look brings a texture element that’s both beautiful and delicate as a spring flower.

Casual, Flowing Floral flowing floral

If you’re looking to wear something more comfortable, while still looking flawless, a maxi-dress is a spectacular option. Whether it features a floral print like the one in this outfit, or simply something light colored, maxi-dresses have a way of providing a timeless, classy, put together appearance, all while being extremely comfortable. Plus, you can easily dress it up or down with a cardigan or jean jacket.

Edgy Easter edgy easter

For those who would rather skip the dresses, this awesome outfit should be right up your alley. Paired with classic denim and a white, or light colored shirt, a floral blazer takes Easter to a whole new level. For an added pop of color, put on a pair of fun pumps, flats, or booties that play off of the colors of your floral pattern. What’s not to love?


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