Tips for How to Consign Children’s Clothes

Tips for How to Consign Children’s Clothes

AdobeStock_123323778Out of all the clothing items you’ll ever buy for your family, you’ll never discard anything more quickly than the outfits you buy for your kiddos when they’re little. Let’s face it: children grow fast, so if you’re expecting to become a parent at some point, or already are, you’ll want to think about what to do with the clothes they grow out of. While some parents decide to save for the hand-me-down route, there’s another option that may get you more bang for your buck in the meantime: Consigning. Here are tips on how to consign children’s clothes: 

Figure out storage: Every time you notice that a clothing item is starting to fit your child too tightly, it’s time to go a size up. Take the tight-fitting clothing item and place it into a storage box – i.e. a Rubbermaid or other type of plastic organizer. Also ensure that that clothing item is in good enough condition to sell. Permanent stains – which can happen a lot – may make the clothing item impossible to consign. The latter can be donated to your local Goodwill or related store.

Set up a timeline: Of course you probably don’t want to head to the consignment store every time you have a single piece of outgrown clothing, so it’s best to perhaps organize these items by season – i.e. spring, summer, fall, and winter. Towards the beginning or end of each, gather the clothing items and take them into your local consignment store. Hint: your local Turn Style location is a great place to start!

Wash and fold everything: Make sure the clothing items look as good as they possibly can. That means washing them thoroughly and of course, ensuring that there are as few wrinkles as possible. This will make the store more likely to accept the items.

Organize: Having your items folded and clean is great – but making sure they’re properly organized can make the consignment process even easier. For example, place pajama items together, t-shirts together, pants together, and so forth.

Think of how to utilize what you’ll receive in return: At most consignment shops, you can decide whether to receive cash or store credit in return. A good strategy is to put what you receive towards buying next season’s clothes. For example, if you bring in summer clothing, use what you receive in return to buy fall/winter items for your kid(s).

Consigning children’s clothing by utilizing a smart strategy can save you money. To learn more about the consignment process and how you can consign with Turn Style, visit our consigning webpage.