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Spring Decorating

Spring is here and for a lot of us, spring means spring-cleaning! Spring-cleaning can also translate into organizing and perhaps redecorating for the season! Here are a few tips we came up with to help you transform your home this spring!

– Scan over rooms: take a pen and a notepad with you into each room. Next, close your eyes then when you open them, write down the first three things that you dislike about the room. This will be a good starting point for what you need to change first.

– Add white accents: adding white accents to your space instantly brightens up a room. Sometimes just bringing in simple white details like a vase, picture frames, pillows, or a throw blanket can help brighten up a room for spring!

– Decorate with shelving: it seems that one can never have enough shelving. There is never enough storage space, and shelves offer a cute way to show off some of your favorite little trinkets.

– Splash in some yellow: there is no color that screams “spring” like yellow! A fresh and inexpensive way to add yellow is to add lemons to your kitchen area. Put a dozen or so lemons into a class or white bowl and put them on display somewhere in your kitchen, perhaps in the middle of your center island.

– Change out pillows: lighten your living room up with bright pillows and don’t be afraid to mix in some bold print.

– Repaint furniture: sometimes it’s fun to get a little craft and repaint some of your old furniture. Every now and again, your furniture needs a facelift so why not get your family together to help speed up the process!

– Airy and light feel: to help lighten up your home, remove anything that makes the room look heavy such as bulky drapes. Replace such items with sheer or lace materials. You can find affordable materials at a local fabric store and pin them up with some tacks or sew a rod pocket at either end.