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Spring Accessory Must Haves

While you’re storing away your scarves, gloves, earmuffs and hats your mind may start to drift. Perhaps you’re wondering what you’ll accessorize your outfits with now that the winter is over. Here are the top 5 accessory must haves for this spring.

1.  Sheer is here! Sheer gloves, vests, and shrugs are a great way to add a little dimension and layers to your outfits without getting too warm. It’s sheer genius!

2.  Pleated purses have arrived in style. We’ve seen the pleated pants, skirts and dresses, but now it’s your handbag’s turn. Pleated purses are a brand new trend for this spring.

3.   Fringy accessories are also looking to be very popular for this upcoming season. A bag or a vest with that good old fashion hippy charm is popular this spring. Limit yourself to one fringe item per outfit; you don’t want to overdo this look.

4.   Studs are in, and we don’t mean a good looking man! Belts, bags and shoes with that studded rocker look will add a little spice to any outfit this spring.

5.  The classic staple of every spring and summer outfit is a straw accessory. Whether it’s as large as a tote, or as small as a clutch, to complete your spring wardrobe you’ll definitely need some straw accessories.


There are the top 5 spring accessories for this season. Make sure you’re incorporating these looks into your spring wardrobe.