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Preparing for Spring Break: Neon Style

Neon is back, which means you don’t have to wait till summer to start gathering all of your neon clothing items. Neon is in this spring so make sure to pack up your suitcase with bright colors and head somewhere warm! The hottest colors to complete your neon look this year are limes, pinks, corals, and yellow. Here is a list of fun neon items & tips to think about adding to your wardrobe:

Neon Leather: Not all the leather in your closet has to be a boring color like black or brown. Try finding some bright leather pieces. For instance, a fun neon yellow skirt would be great paired up with a simple white tee; something fun like this is an easy way to inject color into your wardrobe.

Your Neon Match: Like the perfect shade of lipstick, there are neon shades that perk up every skin tone- and there are also hues that wont make you look as good as you’d hope. If you look great in navy, find pieces in electric blue. Or if you’re gorgeous in fuchsia, try a creamsicle-inspired orange.

Bright Jewelry: If you’re not into a bright neon dress and would rather go the route that isn’t so, LOOK AT ME, we have options for you. Try adding bright colored jewelry and watch your outfit pop right in front of your eyes. A simple black dress and be glamed up with a fun bright necklace.

Use Black With Caution: We have all heard the saying, “black goes with everything”, right? Well in this case, it doesn’t. If you’re wearing a cute little black dress, you shouldn’t be pairing it with a bright yellow sweater. If you do this, you’re going to look like you came straight out of the 80’s. Instead, pair the little black dress with a neon blue or ultra violet sweater.

So no matter where spring break takes you, make sure to pack neon in your suitcase. If it’s paired well, you will look like you came right off the runway!