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Mud Room Help

Whether or not you have a “mud room” room, chances are you have a room that is constantly being used, walked through, and probably messy. With this crazy summer heat, you’re probably staying inside where there is air conditioning, so why not give your mud room a little TLC.

The most important thing you should assess when starting to clean up the area is storage. As any adult knows, you can truly never have enough storage especially if you have a family. At times it seems that even if you create or build more room for storage, it is never enough. It is important to use your space wisely. Start by going through the room and clearing out whatever doesn’t belong there or that can be thrown out. I know from experience that this room is kind of the, “I don’t know where this goes so ill throw it here”. It’s time to clear it out and start organizing and sorting. Once you’ve put everything back where it is supposed to go and have thrown away all the items that can be, it’s time to start organizing.

Shoes and jackets are the most common items in a so-called, “mud room” so lets discuss those. Everyone have their own style on how they like to organize the too many shoes we often have. I prefer baskets because they look nice and can generally hold a good amount of shoes. It is smart to give everyone in your family or household his or her own basket for shoes so the matching can be narrowed down a little better. Also remember to organize by season. Typically there are only two seasons for shoes, summer and winter aka sandals and boots. Some shoes can be worn in all seasons so those can remain in the mud room all year but others that won’t be worn for months should be stored and put away until needed somewhere else (garage or under stairs).

Similar to the shoes lecture, jackets should be organized and stored by seasons as well. Those big heavy winter jackets should not be taking up all the space in your mud room when its 95 degrees outside. Big plastic containers can be found for cheap at Target or Walmart. Once you’ve weeded out the seasonal items you can organize the jackets your family will be wearing for the season. If your closet space is beyond full with your seasonal jackets, you should think about adding hooks to your walls or cubbies (if you have them). Hooks are cute accessories that are cheap and easy to find.

It’s time to get up and start organizing!! We know it’s too hot to do much outside so make good use of your time and get that mud room into shape!