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Make Your Home a Winter Hot Spot

We’ve got our coldest months ahead and there’s no better time to get your home ready for winter. Here are some of our coziest tips you can try without losing your style or breaking the bank.

Bronze, reds and rich browns, added even in the smallest way, can really make any room feel like you’re at a lakeside cabin in the middle of winter. We’re thinking rich colored candles accented with pinecones for a coffee table or countertops would be a great winter addition to your home. Why not mix and match some throw pillows to give your couch a pop of color?  Add a decorative throw blanket to any room, it’s an easy way for you or your guests to get instantly cozy and make snuggling that much easier. If you have tile or wood floors, find an accent rug that coordinates with the rest of your small touches of warm color. This will also keep the chill away from your feet!

Season-appropriate scents go a long way to warm up your home. Have a fireplace? Fire it up! And add a basket of logs and large pinecones so their scent can fill the room. Just make sure your basket isn’t too close to the fireplace. For the kitchen, you can find vases in a variety of sizes; fill them with tall cinnamon sticks and tie a big sheer ribbon around them to give your kitchen that ‘I’ve been baking all day’ scent every single day! If you are going to be baking, make sure you make extras to display on a fancy tray on your dining table. Set out your homemade treats alongside scented candles and you have a tasty centerpiece that fills the room with a scent you can’t resist.

We’ve covered the color palette and aromas of your home, now it’s time to think texture and lighting. Nothing makes your guests feel more welcome than a basket of slipper socks just waiting to be worn. Place a basket in your more social areas and make sure your guests know they are there simply there to make you more comfy. You can also hang some drapes that instantly add texture to your living room. If that’s too dark tie them back with gold tassels or ribbons. Lighting is a key element to making your home feel it’s coziest. Soft lights add a warm feel that you can’t get from your everyday bright lighting. Turn off the ceiling lights and add darker shades to your table lamps. Also, light some small, unscented candles. Light these simply for warm lighting, not for fragrance. Just like scents, a little lighting goes a long way.

With all of the small touches added to your home, your guests won’t want to leave! Not only will your home be welcoming by the looks, scents, and feel, but also if you play something soft and cheery for background music; you’ll have all of your senses covered! Hopefully you’ve been inspired to go all inside your home this winter. Just remember, it shouldn’t cost a fortune. You can find it all for less at a Turn Style near you.