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How to Prepare Items for Consignment

When you decide to consign an item, there are a few things you need to do before moving forward. We can’t accept everything, so ask yourself these questions before bringing an item into Turn Style for consignment.

how to prepare items for consignment


  1. Is my clothing from a designer label, better department or specialty store?

We are committed to providing you top quality clothing items and home furnishings, so we only accept higher-end types of clothing and accessories because we want to give you the best options for high quality apparel at an affordable price. Look for labels such as Dior, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Calvin Klein, Armani, Chanel or anything similar.

  1. Is my item in like-new condition?

Your item should look as good as it did the day you bought it. We sell items that you could wear right out of the store or immediately use to accent your home. Please bring in items that are three seasons or newer. Just like you, Turn Style shoppers are a savvy, stylish group and want to find great deals on current fashion styles and décor pieces. If your item is missing anything (buttons, zippers, etc.) or has any stains, we unfortunately will not be able to accept it. When in doubt, ask yourself if you would buy your consignment item if you saw it in the store.

  1. Has my clothing item been freshly washed?

This one speaks for itself. Clean clothes are happy clothes, and happy clothes get sold. So get those washers washing and those dryers drying before bringing items in for consignment.

  1. Is my clothing item pressed and on a hanger?

Nobody wants to purchase wrinkly clothes. Give your item a good ironing before consignment to ensure that it looks brand new! Clothes, accessories, and home furnishings are more likely to sell if they are well presented and look neat. People like to envision purchases on themselves or in their homes, so give them a fresh canvas to use their imaginations.


Items are inspected again after the initial consignment to ensure we are giving customers the best items to purchase. If we do discover item damage that was overlooked, we will either sell the item at a discounted price or donate the item to charity. Taking the time to assess and prepare your consignment items will help you successfully consign your clothes and get them sold faster, which will put money in your pocket, make room in your closet, and give you the green light for your next shopping endeavor.