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How to Make Your Entry Way Cozy for Fall & Winter

Now that October has snuck up on us and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your entry way is cozy for the holidays. Holidays are full of family and a whole bunch of people in your home. There are many quick and inexpensive ways to make the entry of your home cozy and make your guests feel welcomed. Creating comfort around your home can often cost you no money if you just start looking through your house: in those drawers you never open, under the stairs or up in your attic.

Keeping Fall’s beauty in mind, lets start with some ideas on how to warm up your entry, but still letting it appear bright, happy, and cheerful. If you don’t have a dresser or end table in your entry, it would be a good idea to think about getting one if you have the room. A fancy expensive table or dresser is not necessary so find one that is inexpensive and has a little bit of space on top to accessorize.

So now that you’ve got a table in mind, lets explore the ideas! First of all, a runner adds a lot of warmth. I’m sure you have one from last holiday season or maybe one that sits in a cabinet, never getting used. Now that we’ve got a solid base, lets continue. If you have an outlet near by, adding a lamp that is proportional to your table can make a big statement to your entryway piece. Lastly, let’s put some season and holiday spirit into the mix. If you have some decorative pumpkins, put them into some kind of basket or bowl (a wicker basket or bowl tends to look really good). Once Thanksgiving passes, feel free to put some winter accessories such as snowmen, holiday ornaments, or some greenery in there!

As you can tell from reading this, there are plenty of options to help your entryway come across as more welcoming.