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How to Dress Cute for Winter

The temperatures are starting to drop and as they keep getting lower and lower, the only thing you’ll care about is being warm. Wanting to be warm when it’s below zero makes sense but those old holey sweatshirts that you love so much are not so attractive. And although you’d like to completely erase the fact that winter is almost here, lets spend a little time planning our winter wardrobe before you completely forget about it.

Thin layers. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, several thin layers will keep you much warmer than one big bulky (not so attractive) sweatshirt. And by wearing several thin layers instead of that one big sweatshirt, you’ll actually see your figure more (win, win). Start by wearing a tank top with a thin sweater over. If it’s really cold, place another sweater over that. And if the weather is wet as well, make sure your top layer is waterproof. If it’s feels like Antarctica outside, make sure to put on a winter jacket, wool coat (preferably) or poncho.

Please pick the right coat. Yes, puffy coats keep you warm but they also make you not only feel bulky but look it too. Instead, consider wearing a tailored coat that flatters your shape. No matter your shape, there is no reason it should be hiding under a big fluffy coat.

Wear a hat. Some people don’t like to wear hats or have the excuse of “it will mess up my hair”. But actually, if you don’t wear a hat, you’re losing a large amount of body heat. We are almost in year 2014 and there are plenty of cute and warm hats for both men and women so not more excuses.

Boots. Women tend to live in their boots during the wintertime, which is exactly what they’re supposed to do! Those tennis shoes or ballet slippers are not going to work when the snow is 12 feet deep and the temperatures are below zero.

Lose the sweatshirts. I’m sure the sweatshirt your boyfriend gave you is the most comfortable sweatshirt ever but it’s ok to save it for wearing just at home. If you want to look chic, replace the sweatshirt wardrobe with some cashmere sweaters and cozy cardigans (at least when you’re going on in public).  I promise, these sweaters can be just as comfortable and you will look a lot better in them.