How to Brighten Up a Room: 3 Tips for Dark Spaces

How to Brighten Up a Room: 3 Tips for Dark Spaces

When considering how to brighten up a dark room, the most obvious way isn’t always the most feasible — you can’t always install new windows to let in more sunlight. On the bright side (pun intended), there are interior design changes you can make in a space to change its entire feel.

When you need to transform dark and dreary into light and airy, here are some of the biggest difference makers:

Get Painting

Since white is the brightest color out there, it is the best paint color for a naturally dark room. It’s the kind of color that goes with anything, so it’s not hard to match it with your décor. While some might say white is a boring choice, it creates an optimistic atmosphere. As soon as you set foot in a white room, you’re more likely to feel a sense of order, cleanliness and general happiness.

You don’t have to stop at the walls when you’re painting a room. The ceiling is an underutilized surface that matters just as much as any wall. A white ceiling makes rooms feel significantly taller than they otherwise would.

It’s important to note that not all whites are the same — shades such as ivory or off-white are nice in their own right, but when the goal is creating a brighter atmosphere, bright white is the way to go.

Choose Furniture Wisely

There is a huge difference between heavy furniture and light furniture, at least when it comes to the feel of a room. Furniture that features extensive woodwork might look luxurious and elegant, but in a room that lacks significant sunlight, it can create a drab ambiance. The same goes for furniture that is stuffed to the brim. A room with limited light will feel even more constrained if the majority of space is taken up by furniture.

With limited light, a little bit of minimalism goes a long way. Instead of heavy couches, recliners or coffee tables, choose thinner, lighter and brighter options for your room. With today’s contemporary design tastes, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a sleek item without unnecessary frills. For example, look at a light, glass coffee table instead of dark, wood options, as it will be extra mobile and light will pass right through it.

Streamlining your furniture gives you more room to walk around, and it gives light more room to fill the space.

Utilize Mirrors

Looking for a powerful tool to maximize light in a room? Mirrors can help get the job done. These pieces of home décor are more than a simple decoration — they create optical illusions throughout a space.

Putting a mirror on the wall can make a room feel larger and lighter because it tricks the brain into thinking there is more space, and more light, than what actually exists. When you can’t remodel a room to increase the window count, adding mirrors is the next best option.

You can maximize the light-enhancing effects of mirrors by strategically placing them around a room. Locate the largest window in the space, and place a mirror directly opposite of it. The limited sunlight that enters the room will bounce off the mirror and add to the brightness of the space. At first glance, a mirror can look like just another window, so open up your space by adding several of them throughout the room.

Create Your Space

Ready to give your room a new, lighter feel? You don’t have to break the bank to make it happen; head to your nearest Turn Style location to find the furniture and décor that will make your space feel brighter than ever. Visit us today!