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Home Décor Ideas to Match Your Personality Type

Your living space should be an extension of your personal style. Matching it with your personality will not only make you feel at home, it’ll show people who visit that you’re a creative and unique person when it comes to the things you’re most passionate about. The goal is to make your home uniquely you. So exactly how do you go about accomplishing this? Below we discuss some personality types and the corresponding home décor options that might help each:

The Foodie

A lot of people are passionate about food. But some people are really, really passionate about food. Whether you’re an avid watcher of the Food Network, an amateur cook, a professional cook or just a food fan, there are some home decorations that’ll fit you. Consider open shelving for the kitchen where you can stack clean plates, bowls, etc. Also consider adding glass jars filled with veggies. This will give off an aesthetic that shows your kitchen is a unique place where great food is prepared.

The Techie

Whether you’re a programmer, a social media guru or a graphic designer, there are some great design ideas that’ll fit your technology-centric personality type. Consider giving your living area a more modern vibe. Using light colors and minimalistic furniture that’s more cube-shaped is sure to give your home a futuristic vibe that meshes well with your tech personality.

The Bookworm

Yes, we know it’s the age of the e-reader where Kindles and iPads increasingly dominate the world of reading. However, one thing book apps on a tablet can’t provide is a great visual aesthetic for the living space. Shelving which features numerous books always looks good. Taking it a step further, we recommend using hanging shelves that require no placement on the floor. Not only are they relatively affordable and easy to set up, they save space. Showing off your book collection will allow visitors to strike up some pretty interesting conversations with you.

The Fashionista

If you’re a fashion-guru, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what direction you’d like to go in regarding your home décor. Whatever way you go, we recommend a more modernist vibe. Consider furnishings that show off clothing or jewelry. For example, you may want to consider hanging framed art that places a focus on apparel.

The Sports Fan

If you’re a lover of sports, we recommend a nice display of sports memorabilia: Signed sports photographs and gear from your favorite teams and players. Of course, don’t hang it in some obscure place. Rather, place it in the part of the home where you watch sporting events on television: the living room. Sports memorabilia will get visitors pumped up before the big game kicks off.