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Halloween Costume Ideas from Your Closet

Every year in October, thousands of people from all over walk like a group of zombies to the nearest Halloween costume store in search of the year’s trendiest costumes – many of which can actually cost a pretty penny. But if you’re budgeting this Halloween, there’s good news: Your next Halloween costume may actually be somewhere within your current wardrobe. Believe it or not, you can use common clothing items you already have, mix them up or even alter them slightly to create an outfit that’ll leave a lasting impression this All Hallows Eve. Below are some ideas for each clothing type you might find in your closet or drawers:

Black Clothes

The color black (along with orange) is one of the primary colors of Halloween. That being said, black clothing pieces often make great costumes. If you’re a girl, black clothing articles, especially dresses or skirts, can come in handy for witch costumes. If you’re a guy, think vampire or Dracula.

White Clothes

White clothes are another great option for developing a Halloween costume. White clothing articles can compliment a pale appearance created from makeup – especially if you’re trying to go for that classic zombie or ghost look. Here’s another idea: Wear white and wrap toilet paper around yourself if you need a last minute idea that’ll create a great mummy appearance.

Formal Wear

Formal wear is among the most useful when creating great Halloween costumes. And while you can really wear anything for a zombie look, the classic zombie dresses nice – even if their clothing has become somewhat tattered in appearance. To make clothing look tattered (and if you’re willing), consider tearing it a bit. Classic clothing and a little zombie-like makeup will allow you to look like you just stepped off the set of Hollywood’s latest zombie flick.

Vintage Clothes

If you have any vintage clothing, there are numerous options. Think 1980s vintage: Mix and match some clothing (including leggings) to achieve this classic look. Common vintage articles of clothing can be great when trying to achieve the appearance of one of your favorite 80s idols, whether it’s Prince, Madonna, David Bowie, Marty McFly, the singer of a British new wave band or you name it. And whatever case, most 80s costumes have two things in common: Crazy makeup and large hairdos.