Getting Rid of Clothes One Season Ahead of Time

Getting Rid of Clothes Pre-Season: The Beginner’s Guide to Consigning Like a Pro

Don’t let warm summer weather fool you — fall is right around the corner.  Apple picking, hayrides and pumpkin spice lattes all have a price, so put some extra cash in your pocket before the crisp fall air arrives!

Now is the time to raid your closets to look for items you can sell on consignment. Although many people wait until a new season arrives to sell their seasonal appropriate clothes, your best bet is to sell before the weather changes. Seasonal clothing is in highest demand during the months leading up to a new time of year, so read on to see recommendations for getting rid of clothing while the time is right.

1. Dig Deep

If you’re planning to sell your gently used clothing, consignment is a great money making option. Remember those clothes you stowed away as soon as summer arrived? It’s time to pull them back out, as they could be your keys to a thicker wallet.

As you sort through fall clothing, make three piles: One for items to keep, another for things to sell and one for clothing donations. Not only will you earn for your unused items, but you’ll also clear out plenty of storage space as you sort through your clothes. There is no use in throwing out perfectly good clothes, even if they are older. If an item seems too old for consignment, donations are a great way to give back.

2. Do Some Prep Work

Most clothes aren’t ready for consignment when you pull them out of storage, so it’s important to ensure they are store-ready before bringing them in to sell. Remember that these items should be from brand names and in good condition. Wash the items if they have been worn, and give them a good ironing before placing them on hangers. Use bins to organize accessories like shoes, necklaces and belts. Make sure you have an easy way to transport your clothing and keep the hangers elevated on your way to the consignment store.

When you arrive at the store, bring your items to one of our friendly consignment experts. While we assess your clothes, you can browse the store to see what types of items are ideal for consignment. You might just decide to replace some of your clothes for sale immediately after selling them.

3. Enjoy Your Earnings

After appraising your items, our team will give you the choice between cash and in-store credit. Whatever you choose, you will have the means to refill your closets with new (or new to you) clothing. There is no better way to reinvent your look than through consignment — you can continually earn money for new styles when you get rid of the ones you’re tired of. Your closet won’t stay empty for long!

Remember that contrary to what many people think, a significant portion of fall clothing sales doesn’t happen during the fall season at all but a few months ahead of time. Be proactive and sell your clothes before the season arrives to maximize your earnings. The early bird gets the worm!

Getting Started

Whether you love fall or mourn the end of summer, there is no question that new seasons bring new opportunities to earn money. If you’re thinking about consigning but have more questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team. We can provide advice for the best brands to sell and get your items in front of customers in no time! Reach out today to see how we can help.