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Feeling Crafty? Add Flair To Your Space

With the arrival of spring you may be feeling an urge to give new life to your living space. If your bedroom quarters are lacking the creative flair you desire, consider using this technique for assembling a headboard to make the space more colorful and inviting.

To start you will need plywood cut from a local hardware or home builder supply store. For the best results, get plywood cut in the size of 18 in. X 18 in. or larger. The number of pieces needed depends on personal preference, but generally 12-16 will suffice.

Next you’ll need to browse your local fabric supply store to search for appealing colors and patterns that fit the look you are going for. Go with warm, bolder tones like in the photo above, or choose a more subdued, pastel look for spring. The best part is you can combine many different, unrelated fabrics to really show off your personality and make a statement.

While you’re at the craft store you may decide to pick up batting or stuffing for the headboard, depending on the look you desire. This will give the finished product a plush, quilted look. For a greener alternative to traditional stuffing materials you can even try using cotton. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric and stuffing around the plywood, arrange the squares in any pattern you like on the wall, and voila!

If you are feeling especially ambitious making accent pillows for the bed can be a great technique for bringing the whole look together. For a relatively low cost you have a new piece of one-of-a-kind accent furniture to enjoy for years to come.