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Fashion Trends of 2012

2013 is finally here! A new year will no doubt bring new fashion trends, but here’s a look back into some of our favorite styles from 2012.

The Skinny Trend
Everyone must have stuck to their weight loss resolutions in 2012 because we saw lots and lots of skinny jeans! And of course, what better to match those skinny jeans than a nice, tall, skinny heel? The combination of skinny jeans and skinny heels was a chic look that we loved. Even better, the looks are strong enough to stand on their own as well. Adding a skinny heel to any outfit was sure to spice it up.


The Leather Trend
Not that we saw head to toe covered biker looks, but leather jackets and leather boots definitely made their way into the 2012 fashion world. A light leather jacket of any color could be seen year-round in 2012 as it made for the perfect accessory. Leather boots were also walking around everywhere. Comfortable and warm, perhaps the leather look will carry on into this New Year.

The High-Waisted Trend
Skirts, dresses and shorts made their move from low rise to high waisted in 2012! This look was a favorite because it’s always so slimming. Again it seems as though anyone who made a weight loss resolution stuck to it. We noticed the sleek high-waisted look was a 2012 favorite.

The Print Trend
This past year was filled with different kinds of prints. It started with the leopard print revolution, evolved to various types of animal prints and ultimately even brought back floral print.

Those were the top trends of 2012 and we’re excited to see what trends last through the New Year and which ones fade away. Keep your eyes peeled for brand new trends that sprout up for 2013, we sure will!