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Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Yes, we know it’s only June but chances are if you’re going to college in August or September, you’re beginning to think about your dorm room and how you’re going to decorate it. If you haven’t thought about your dorm room once, maybe now is a good time to start gathering some ideas.

  • Rearrange dorm furniture to find the most functional layout: Most dorm rooms come with a bed and dresser already positioned somewhere in the room but it’s your job to make sure it is positioned in the most functional way, giving you as much space as possible. Some tips include putting your and your roommate’s desks back-to-back or perhaps moving your dresser into your closet, if you have room. A fun way to create a more casual sitting place is turning your bed into a daybed by adding decorative pillows against the back wall so that the bed can also come across as a couch.
  • Loft your bed: Most dorm room beds offer the option of lofting your bed, which would leave a nice open space under your bed for your desk and/or dresser. Some students will add a futon under their lofted bed, which creates an extra place for friends to sit when visiting.
  • Coordinate with your roommate: Whether or not you chose your roommate, chances are you will speak to him/her several times before you actually move in together. To avoid clashing colors for decorating, plan out a color scheme that you both can agree on so you can create a room that’s fun and nicely coordinated.
  • Accessorize with a big rug: Dorm rooms tend to give off a very boring and dull feeling. What can be done to help fix this problem is adding a fun rug. Some dorm rooms will be smaller than others but try and find the biggest rug you can that will still fit comfortably in your space.