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Decorating Myths

There are many “tips” to decorating, and today, we are going to share them with you:

  • Hang at eye-level: Contrary to what most people may believe, your wall art does not need to be hung at only at eye level. It is important to consider how your pictures or art are viewed from different angles such as from the couch or dining room. It’s ok to bend the rules by creating a gallery wall from the floor to ceiling.
  • Always use neutral paint colors: When decorating a small space, people have said that you should use neutral colors. But is color the only thing that can open up a small space? No it is not. It is important to know that furniture scale and placement are both major factors for small room décor.
  • Your couch is most important: This statement is very false and in fact, the couch is not always the most important piece of furniture in your space. The way you choose to decorate should reflect your lifestyle. For example, if you spend a lot of time entertaining, make your dining room table the focal point in your space.
  • Small rooms have to have small furniture: If you’re trying to decorate a small room don’t make a mistake by decorating with several pieces of small furniture. Make sure you eliminate unnecessary furniture and go with one or two larger pieces to make the room appear bigger. Once you’ve put the furniture into the room, feel free to accessorize to make the small room look bigger than ever.
  • Dark rooms are a mistake: No matter the size of the space, you can make dark paint colors work. Although dark décor can be a bit tricky, as long as you keep the scale of furniture and placement in mind, you’ll be just fine.
  • Restrict your area rugs: No one said you needed to follow the rules so feel free to break the rules and decorate your space with area rugs of different textures and patterns. You can create a more layered look by sticking with a common color theme or unified style.
  • Don’t mix patterns: This is quite possibly the worst myth about decorating! You can easily mix patterns as long as you’re sticking with the same color palette. A blend of 2-3 patters can create the perfect-layered look in your space.