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Best Winter Gloves – The Options Are Numerous …

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Winter gloves may at first seem to have one simple function: Keeping your hands warm. And while this may be the most important thing they do, there are other things to think about as well – whether it’s style or an even more important aspect: the ability to get things done while wearing them. Below we cover some winter glove types and the considerations that go along with them:

Wool Knit Gloves

Regular wool gloves are pretty affordable and look great. Wool has the ability to keep your hands warm and often times, you can find some pretty neat looking wool gloves that feature a variety of patterns.

Fingerless Wool Gloves

Fingerless wool gloves can be stylish and provide your fingers with easy access to touch-centric smartphone screens. The only drawback? Your fingers are exposed to the cold. Thankfully, however, many fingerless wool gloves can easily be converted to mittens because they feature fabric that can be pulled over your fingers.

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves hold up pretty well and if you’re in the mood to slap together some snowballs, they also waterproof your hands better than wool gloves. While black is the most common leather glove color, leather gloves also look great when they’re tan, brown, or even beige.

Fleece Gloves

Fleece gloves keep your hands warm and look great. Often times they also extend beyond your wrist – keeping a larger portion of your arm shielded from any chilly winter weather.

Touchscreen Gloves

Winter gloves that allow you to use your smartphone device while having your fingers covered have become increasingly popular in recent years. Companies have made all types of touchscreen gloves – ones that are made out of both leather and wool.

Ski Gloves

If you’re looking for something a bit more heavy duty, you can always go with ski gloves. They’re not just good for skiing – but any kind of activity that’s really hands-on or requires you to be out in the snow for extended periods of time.