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Be Best Dressed at Your Holiday Gathering: A Holiday Style Guide

Whether you’re suiting up for your holiday party at work or your best friend’s cocktail hour, you want to dress to impress.  Holidays are a time to impress your friends, family, and coworkers! Here are a few tips to make sure your holiday outfit will be both fun and sophisticated.

For Her:

To get your perfect holiday look you want to have the right fit.  Being professional doesn’t mean you have to hide behind baggy clothing. If you’re wearing slouchy pants or an oversized sweater, you’re on the right track. Try to add a belt to cinch your waist. This will give you a little shape without wearing an outfit that’s too form fitting for grandma’s liking.

Skirts and dresses are completely acceptable when they’re worn at the right length.  Just above the knee is the highest your skirt or dress should be, and no matter what the length, you should always wear tights.  Tights will not only keep you warmer, but they’ll make your outfit look more professional.

Picking the right fabrics will also perfect your holiday attire. Wearing knits and tweed are perfect to keep you warm and trendy.  You can get a lot of use out of tweed and knit clothing because they are the perfect garments to wear on their own or layer over other clothing.  Knit and tweed also bring any outfit a holiday feel.  Something about these fabrics scream happy holidays!

For Him:

Guys, it’s just as important for you to dress nice during the holidays. You may not want to think about all of the wardrobe nuances, but you will make much better impressions if you’re dressed properly.

Neutral colors are always a good starting point. You can wear just about anything you want so long as you’re not making yourself stand out with bold colors.  Holiday parties aren’t a time to be flashy.  If you wear muted colors, you will be able to wear more playful clothing without sticking out too much.

Layers are a guy’s best friend. Men, you don’t have to worry about your figure as much as women do, which makes layering that much easier. Adding a tie, blazer, or cardigan to any outfit will certainly give you the well-groomed look you’re going for during the holidays. If you can layer on scarves and sweaters, go for it. If you get too warm you can always shed layers throughout the day, but why not make your first impression as sharp as can be?


The holidays are always jam-packed with gatherings. Make sure you have the appropriate outfits that will let everyone know just how professional you are and what a good time you can have!