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Athleisure Is For Everyone, Not Just Kids!

Working out at the gym can sometimes feel like a fashion show. It seems that the days of sweatpants and oversized t-shirts have long past, and the world of athleisure has taken over. While athleisure has become quite popular among all fashion designers, some say that paying exorbitant amounts of money for clothes you’re just going to sweat in is a waste, or that those kinds of clothes are meant only for youngins or those comfortable in revealing clothes.

Before you dismiss athleisure though, there are three things to consider in contradiction to these thoughts. There are plenty of attractive and affordable options for athleisure for women over 40!

Athleisure IS Affordable!

Athleisure for women is no longer a monopoly owned by one or two companies, thus it can be found in a variety of price ranges. While brands like Lululemon and Athleta can run higher in price, you can find plenty of affordable athleisure for women over 40 from brands such as Gap, Target, and Old Navy (or Turn Style!).

It’ll Keep You Moving

Investing in a workout wardrobe is a better incentive to keep up with your workout routine, and to feel good about yourself while doing so. Let’s face it, when you feel good about what you’re wearing you feel better about your body, and this goes double for athletic wear. If you’re working on your fitness, you may as well feel like a superhero while doing so.

It’s Versatile

Athleisure is just that — leisure wear! The right athletic wear can double as a casual, everyday outfit. Throw on a pair of leggings and a cute pullover for brunch, a coffee date, or shopping any day of the week. Regardless of age or size, there are a ton of choices for everyone!

Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or simply looking to update your workout wardrobe, Turn Style is the place for you to find the athleisure consignment to fit all of your needs. With a variety of high quality brands at prices that cannot be beat, Turn Style will provide you with the athleisure to fit both your athletic AND leisure regime!