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A Resolution Room: Top New Looks for 2013

Did your New Year’s Resolution include a home make over? If so here are the most popular home décor ideas for this year. Get a fresh start in your home by adding some of these ideas to your space.

The popular wall colors for this year are blues and yellows, but not bright ones. Muted and softer tones are what’s looking popular for 2013. If you’re really looking for a power color this year go with red. Beware, you need to using it sparingly. If you have too much red you could find yourself with a headache after a few weeks.

Patterns are also fashionable for this year’s homes. Animal patterns, floral patterns and stripes are the patterns that everyone loves. These patterns are just enough to spice up a room without looking obnoxious.

Organizational storage is another trendy room design for 2013. This trend not only looks nice, but is useful as well! Cupboards and shelves are what everyone is adding to their walls not only for handy storage, but decoration as well.

Finally, an inexpensive decoration tip that will have your space looking new is adding picture frames. This year decorate your home with the same style of picture frame, but in different colors. This gives the room a fun pop of color and fun without having to paint the room.

If you’re looking to give your home an update for 2013 consider these styling tips to give your home a fresh start for the New Year. You can easily make any old room new again.