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9 Tips for Men This Summer

Some guys are really good at dressing for the season and some would rather just go blindfolded into their closest and pick the first clothing items they see in their closet. Whether you, or your significant other is like the first or second example, it’s important to know how to dress or pack whether they’re on land, sea, or traveling in between this summer.

#1: Dress up while dressing down

There will be many occasions when a guy needs to be wearing a business-casual look. The good thing is- there is no right or wrong way to do this. Lets start with pants. A good go-to will be dark jeans/shorts unless jeans are not allowed at the occasion.  If you must wear nicer pants/shorts go with khakis. Pair your choice of pants/shorts with a white button down & roll up the sleeves to just below the elbow.

#2: Pack smart

If you’re traveling this summer, remember to think before just filling your suitcase till its full. Think about all the possible circumstances that could happen on your trip- rain, cold nights, extreme heat, est. Don’t forget, it’s always better to have extra than to need more.

#3: Boat shoe rule

Please spare everyone looking at your feet in those awesome new boat shoes you got- the sight of your old, faded socks. If you were never instructed on boat shoe etiquette, take this at your first lesson and please do not wear socks with those great new boat/deck shoes. Thank you!

#4: Have fun with festive swimwear

Aren’t you sick of those same black or navy swim shorts you’ve been wearing for the past few years? Yes, they may be your favorite but why not venture out to the wild side. Fun swimwear is in- so embrace it!

#5: Navy-blue blazer

Most men have their signature go-to black blazer but do all guys have a go-to navy blue blazer? In most circumstance, no and that’s fine but we would like to change that! Not everyone is into navy but we’d like to change your mind on that! Navy blue is a great way to dress up while keeping it a little more casual. Every guy deserves a perfect navy blue blazer (time for shopping ladies)!

#6: Trust your windbreaker

Guys, we know you’re tough and can stand any weather with just a t-shirt on but let’s be realistic- windbreakers can be a lifesaver even if you don’t think you’ll need it. They are extremely light and easy to bring along wherever it is you may be going.

#7: Don’t forget to take off your watch

That shiny watch looks great but please don’t forget to check if it’s waterproof or not. May sound silly to remind one of this but don’t forget to make sure because a broken watch is a pointless watch.

#8: Hats

If anyone ever told you to not wear a hat, ignore them (at least on some occasions). Hats are not only a great way to shade your face but they can also make quite the statement to your outfit. Whether your hat of choice is a fedora, baseball cap, or trucker hat- have fun with it!

#9: Aviator sunglasses

Aviators have been in for decades and will stay for decades to come. They are a timeless accessory for either sex so everyone needs their go-to pair. Aviators come in many different styles and sizes so take some time to find the perfect pair for yourself.