2013 Spring Fashion - Turn Style

2013 Spring Fashion

With the freezing temperature outside it’s hard to imagine spring will ever be here. However, there are only a few short months left until spring is here. You definitely don’t want to be caught in last year’s outfits so it’s time to start thinking about what’s popular for the Spring of 2013.

Bermuda shorts are back! The slouchy shorts were prominent at New York Fashion Week and we can only assume that they will be springing up everywhere. If last spring you felt like you couldn’t pull off the cutoffs you will love the flattering, loose fit style this year.

Peek-a-boo pieces are also looking to be popular at the beginning of these warm months. Tops and dresses that have sections of sheer and see-through material provide the perfect mix of scandal and modesty.

Short suits are also going to be sprouting up this spring. High-waisted shorts that hit mid-thigh are the perfect cut-offs for a springtime pant suit. Don’t sweat to death in your full winter suit, but maintain your professional look with this new style.

There they are Turn Stylers, our favorite looks for the spring of 2013. Find the ones that you like most and start shopping so you can be ahead of the curve.  Become a trendsetter by springing into the new styles before anyone else.